MetriNet, derived from Network Metrics, is a low-power, multi-parameter water monitoring system for monitoring water quality parameters and collecting data at remote locations. This system is ideal for monitoring drinking water distribution systems, greenhouse water delivery systems, produce section misting systems, and other clean water applications.

MetriNet provides a robust monitoring package of up to eight different parameters and provides reliable collection and transmission of the acquired data. The system provides several methods for delivering this information including: cellular modem, Wi-Fi, wired Modbus, Ethernet/IP, or Profibus DP, as well as cloud-based data storage.

At the heart of the MetriNet system are a new series of smart digital sensors. M-Nodes are a complete sensor and transmitter housed in a miniaturized body. M-Nodes operate as independent modules that can be linked via a communication bus.

See the data sheet for a full list of available parameters.

Key Facts

  • Complete sensor and transmitter housed in a miniaturized body
  • Electronic assemblies galvanically isolated from the power supply and communication link
  • Zero and span data stored internally so calibration can be done anywhere
  • Internal clock records total run time on the sensor
  • Calibration timer can alert users when calibration is due
  • Two alarm set points available
  • Sensor diagnostics report problems in clear message form
  • Options for cellular modem, Wi-Fi, or wired Modbus, Ethernet/IP, or Profibus DP
  • Stores data at user defined intervals from 0.1-60 minutes
  • Stores over 300K values, or 30 days of data for 8 sensors at 1 minute data interval
  • Accepts up to 8 M-Node sensor inputs
  • Addition of a low power solenoid valve allows intermittent sample flow

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