The MultiExact 4100 is a high-performance multi-gas analyser designed to provide up to four simultaneous gas stream measurements including: oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrous oxide (N2O), methane (CH4) and moisture (H2O).

Specifically designed to address the needs of industrial and medical gas manufacturers, the MultiExact 4100 can provide up to four simultaneous gas stream measurements including: O2 (trace, control, and purity), CO2, CO (% and trace), N2O, and CH4 (trace).

It can be fitted with a wide range of sensing technologies – Paramagnetic, Zirconia, Gas Filter Correlation (Gfx), Infrared, and Aluminium Oxide. These proven, digital sensors not only provide highly accurate measurements but also offer operational flexibility in a range of industries and applications.

The non-depleting, high-stability sensing technologies help extend maintenance intervals while intelligent functionality such as independent auto-calibration helps to deliver operational efficiencies over a long product life.

Key Facts

  • Field upgradeable relay, alarm and communication protocols
  • Measures up to four gas streams simultaneously
  • Integrated support for the AquaXact 1688 Aluminum Oxide moisture transmitter
  • Digital communications for remote access: RS232/RS485 Modbus, PROFIBUS, and Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP)
  • Up to 32 alarms and 32 relays with follow or freeze options
  • Four analog outputs and four analog inputs
  • Uses ultra-stable, non-depleting digital sensing technologies that help extend maintenance intervals
  • Auto-calibration function helps to reduce operational costs
  • Plug and play sensor replacement
  • Commonly integrated in to multiple stream switching systems

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