The Dynasonics DFX Ultrasonic Doppler flow meter features a clamp-on design that streamlines installation and eliminates the worries of fluid compatibility and pressure head loss.

  • Streamlined Installation. Because of its clamp-on design, the DFX Ultrasonic Doppler flow meter can be installed while operations run – there is no need to shut processes down or drain pipes.
  • Application Flexibility. Measures liquids containing suspended particles or aerated liquids, making it suitable for applications with sewage and mud slurries.
  • Simple Design. Does not have moving parts, which greatly reduces maintenance needs because there is nothing that will wear down over time.

Key Facts

  • Non-intrusive, clamp-on transducers for most pipes from 0.25 in. (6 mm) and above.
  • Wide velocity range: 0.15…30 fps (0.0…9 mps).
  • Flexibility: with automatic gain control and in-field linearization, the DFX will adapt to a wide variety of applications.

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