The Portable Moisture Measurement Solution. The MEECO WaterBoy 2 offers a cost-effective solution for reliable, portable moisture analysis. Utilising our time-proven electrolytic technology, it features new micro- processor driven electronics.

The simplicity of the WaterBoy 2’s three-button interface makes changing display options effortless. Now, with the push of a button, you can select from five different display options.

Its modular design and sturdy construction is ideal for field conditions. The WaterBoy 2 is equipped with an internal 24 VDC lead acid rechargeable battery, in addition to a 110 VAC transformer. And, with the optional RS-232 port, you can send data to a printer, a computer or other control device.


  • Stable Value Indication / Low Battery Indication
  • Units of Measure: Micro-processor based electronics allow choice of display options includingppmV,ppmW, lbs/mmscf, or °C and °F dewpoint.
  • Three-Button User Interface: Mode/Enter key, along with simple Up and Down keys, make using the menu quick and simple.
  • LCD Display: Integral digital display allows direct indication at point of use, and quick field configuration of the control parameters. Also includes low battery indicator light.
  • Scalable Output: Flexibility to change output scales in field. No need to replace electronic components. Simply access menu via Mode/Enter key and select output scale.
  • On-line Verification: Use simple Delta Flow procedure to quickly verify sensor linearity and performance on-line.
  • Approvals: FM Approved Class 1 Division 2, Non-incendive. The Electrolytic Technology is specified by the European Pharmacopoeia for moisture analysis in medical gases.

Key Facts

  • Portable moisture analyser

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