The VORTAB VEL 90° Elbow flow conditioner provides a low pressure loss solution to flow profile irregularities caused by elbows and other disruptions that commonly occur upstream of that elbow in piping and duct runs. Only 3 pipe diameters of straight run between the Vorel and flow meter is required.

The VEL configuration offers a complete, simple elbow replacement for new and existing piping systems.


  • Increases pump efficiency and longevity
  • Piping with inadequate straight runs or upstream disturbances
  • Temperature and pressure stratification
  • Process conditioning for blowers, compressors, burners and other critical process equipment
  • Reduces pump noise and maintenance costs
  • Flow conditioning for calibration and test benches
  • Processes that require repeatable, symmetric and swirl-free velocity flow profiles

Key Facts

  • Flow conditioner integrated into elbow section

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