This insertion-style flow meter has no moving parts and is available in probe lengths for installation into pipe diameters from 2.5 inches to 24 inches (63 mm to 610 mm). It is easily connected into the pipe via a ½ inch or ¾ inch NPT compression fitting.

The ST50 electronics are housed in rugged, IP67 rated enclosure with dual conduit ports in either NPT or M20 threading. The instrument comes standard with dual 4-20 mA outputs – one for flow rate, and one for temperature. A 500 Hz pulse output (for external totalizer) can be added as an option. The transmitter/electronics can be integrally mounted with the flow element (probe) or be remote mounted to best match your installation situation.

The ST50 flow sensing element features precision, platinum RTD in small diameter, “equal-mass,” all-metal thermowells to provide superior accuracy, repeatability, and fast response.


  • Wastewater treatment aeration control
  • Burner and furnace air flow control
  • HVAC duct/damper control
  • Blower and dryer air flow control
  • Lake, pond and aquaculture aeration
  • Compressed air distribution measurements

Key Facts

  • Direct mass, volumetric or velocity flow measurement
  • Dual 4-20mA analog outputs
  • Line/pipe sizes from 2 to 24 [51 mm to 610 mm]
  • Non-clogging, no moving parts sensor
  • RS232 communications
  • 4-digit digital display option
  • Small, compact design
  • Easy installation

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