SITRANS P DS III pressure transmitters are digital pressure transmitters featuring extensive user-friendliness and high accuracy. The parameterization is performed using control keys or via HART, PROFIBUS-PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus interface.

Extensive functionality enables the pressure transmitter to be precisely adapted to the plant’s requirements. Operation is very simple in spite of the numerous setting options.

Transmitters with type of protection “Intrinsic safety” and “Explosion-proof” may be installed within potentially explosive atmospheres (zone 1) or in zone 0. The transmitters are provided with an EC type examination certificate and comply with the corresponding harmonized European standards (ATEX). The transmitters can be equipped with various designs of remote seals for special applications such as the measurement of highly viscous substances.

Various versions of the DS III pressure transmitters are available for measuring:

  • Gauge pressure
  • Absolute pressure
  • Differential pressure
  • Level
  • Volume level
  • Mass level
  • Volume flow
  • Mass flow

Key Facts

  • High quality and service life
  • High reliability even under extreme chemical and mechanical loads
  • For aggressive and non-aggressive gases, vapors and liquids
  • Extensive diagnosis and simulation functions
  • Separate replacement of measuring cell and electronics without recalibration
  • Minimum conformity error
  • Good long-term stability
  • Wetted parts made of high-grade materials (e.g. stainless steel, Hastelloy, gold, Monel, tantalum)
  • Infinitely adjustable measuring spans from 0.01 bar to 700 bar (0.15 psi to 10153 psi) for DS III with HART interface
  • Nominal measuring range from 1 bar to 700 bar (14.5 psi to 10153 psi) for DS III with PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus interface
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Parameterization over control keys and HART or PROFIBUS PA, or FOUNDATION Fieldbus interface.

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