Offering industry-standard features alongside revolutionary, value-added options, the Oxy 1900 oxygen (O2) gas analyser sets new standards of flexibility, stability and reliability from a single, cost-effective unit.

The Oxy 1900 sets the standard for O2 gas analysis, delivering a feature-rich solution designed to meet the monitoring needs of even the most challenging applications.

At the heart of the Oxy 1900 is Servomex’s patent Paramagnetic oxygen sensor, providing highly reliable, accurate and stable percentage measurements of oxygen. The non-depleting technology requires minimal calibration and never needs replacing – ensuring a long lifetime of ownership with low maintenance costs.

Key Facts

  •  Can be used in Safe Area to Zone 1/Division 1 hazard rated locations
  • Intelligent diagnostics and flow sensing
  • Optimized for hazardous applications for example; safety critical oxidation, feedstock clean up, blanket inerting and flare stack analysis
  • Long calibration intervals and cell life
  • Auto-validation reduces hands-on maintenance needs
  • Unique FlowCube sensor technology provides unrivalled reliability and accuracy
  • Intelligent pressure compensation for barometric and sample vent back pressure variations

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