Designed to reliably measure up to 100% oxygen (O2) in many industrial applications, the Oxy 1800 is a stable, accurate O2 analyser for safe area use.

The Oxy 1800 simplifies safe area O2 monitoring by delivering a powerful value-added package of features built around highly accurate and reliable oxygen monitoring capabilities.

Using the patented Servomex Paramagnetic oxygen transducer, it is an accurate, analog and highly specific oxygen analyser, ideal for safe areas and enriched oxygen samples.

Key Facts

  • Stable, accurate O2 analyser for safe area use
  • Special high flow rate cell option
  • Special versions for solvent bearing samples
  • Automatic flow control device, flow alarm and back pressure regulator options available
  • Long calibration intervals and cell life
  • Reliable and rugged analog based electronics
  • Proven longlife Servomex paramagnetic technology
  • Range of alarm outputs to aid integration with other systems
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Clear displays, indicators and enclosed controls

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