The Laser 3 Plus Process Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) analyser provides all the benefits of Servomex’s TDL Absorption Spectroscopy technology in a small, light unit, offering unparalleled installation flexibility plus cost and performance benefits. It is optimized for the fast, accurate and responsive measurement of process oxygen (O2) in hot or hazardous conditions.

The SERVOTOUGH Laser 3 Plus Process is a highly compact gas monitor for in-situ cross stack applications, delivering exceptional performance benefits in a revolutionary compact design. Its pioneering design occupies a footprint up to one-tenth the size of competitor products, providing instant benefits for installation and flexibility.

Utilizing the latest Wavelength Modulated Spectroscopy (WMS) measurement techniques with unique Servomex signal processing, it provides the most stable, repeatable results for the measurement of O2, with minimal installation and maintenance costs.

Key Facts

  • Low detection limit
  • Negligable zero drift – calibration 12 months
  • Fast response, compact design
  • Performs in high particulate environments
  • Path lengths from 0.1m to 5mm(0.3-16.4ft) *
  • Minimal cross interference
  • Diverse mounting: ideal for ducts, stacks and reactor installations
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Robust and reliable
  • Space saving
  • Digital communications
  • Modbus over Ethernet
  • User friendly interface and rapid disconnect for easy calibration
  • Intuitive alignment for easy installation and maintenance
  • Non-depleting TDL technology
  • No moving parts, no consumables
  • No sample conditioning system – reduced maintenance costs
  • No hazardous area purge required

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