Procal 2000 is an infra-red (IR), duct or stack-mounted gas analyser designed to provide in-stack analysis of up to six, gas-phase emission components.
A typical system comprises an in-situ mounted analyser, an integral calibration function and a Control Unit with options which include a powerful in-situ Heater and a stand-alone Analysis Software package.

Procal 2000 uses the reflective beam principle to directly measure process gas as it enters the sample cell. Unlike higher maintenance extractive systems, Procal’s patented, sintered metal technology removes the need for gas filtering or sample conditioning. The analyser requires very little maintenance and achieves a class-beating up-time of over 98% up-time in demanding applications.

The Procal 2000 infra-red analyser operates on the proven, single beam, dual–wavelength IR light principle. Mid IR Pulses, at two specific wavelengths per monitored component, are transmitted through the sample cell. The ‘measure’ pulse is partially absorbed by the gases being measured while the ‘reference’ pulse remains unaffected. Up to eight wavelengths are available, sometimes sharing reference wavelengths, allowing up to six gas-phase component concentrations to be monitored simultaneously. Unique to the operation, zero and calibration are “fully challenged” in that all operating modes use the same optical path and system components.

The Procal 2000 analyser has been in service for over 25 years with continual product improvement to match ever tightening legislative requirements. Over 2,600 Procal 2000 units are in operation worldwide.

Auto Verification:
The integral Auto Verification Unit initiates a zero-check on the system by filling the sample probe with clean dry instrument air. Similarly, it performs a span-check by filling the sample probe with certified span gas.

Optional Accessories:
Optional accessories are provided to extend the analyser’s capability in cases of extreme process or ambient variations. Typical examples would be a probe heater to ensure the in-situ gas cell operates above process gas dew point, a gas flow bypass for high thermal stress applications and a head cooler for operation in high ambient temperature conditions.

Key Facts

  • Multi-component IR gas analyser with a wide range of applications

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