The moisture online analyser LB 350 is primarily used for applications which can’t be solved with conventional sensor technologies due to conductivity or chemical properties of the material to be measured.

The LB 350 moisture measurement system is for real-time determination of the moisture content of a wide variety of bulk materials such as coke, sinter mixture, ore, sand, building materials, and is used on many different types of vessels.

Customer benefits:

  • Representative measured values due to large measuring volume
  • Accurate moisture measurement
  • Not affected by e.g. temperature, conductivity, pressure, pH-value etc.
  • Measures through the vessel wall
  • Can be paired with density compensation

State of the art technology:

  • Proven neutron moisture measurement technology
  • Attainable accuracy ± 0.1 % depending on application
  • Analog output from sensor (0/4…20 mA)
  • Digital input for “hold signal”
  • Digital outputs for system status and min and max values
  • Sensor operating temperature: -20…+50 °C
  • Density compensation enabled

Key Facts

Accurate maintenance-free density measurement using radiometric principles, with optional density compensation

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