EchoSmart is an underwater interface level analyser technology that is built on a digital platform. This allows us to locate the analyser in the sensor. The result is greater flexibility in equipment configuration options, enhanced communication capabilities and reduced installation costs.

EchoSmart Interface Level Analysers are unique, in that our Smart-Sensor technology enables us to control up to 16 Smart Sensors with one EchoSmart Controller. This allows for field networks of sensors, thereby lowering the ‘per-tank’ cost. These field networks can also be created wirelessly, eliminating costly conduit and cabling runs.

Key Facts

  • Large display with intuitive screens for quick entry of parameters
  • Soft Key operation with Help Prompts for all settings
  • Automatic initialization for easy start-up
  • Adaptive algorithms in each sensor for uninterrupted operation
  • Track well-settled blankets
  • Can also be configured to track dispersed solids (fluff or rag layer)
  • Monitor blanket levels 24/7/365
  • Suitable for round or rectangular clarifiers

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