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As a pioneer in the field of underwater ultrasonics, Entech has led the way since 1991. Underwater interface level detection is their only business, and they do it right!


Entech Design is known for EchoSmart, a line of high-quality sludge level monitors for wastewater, drinking water and industrial clarifiers and thickeners. Entech’s FilterSmart Backwash Monitor is revolutionizing the way water professionals manage their gravity filters.

In 2016, Entech Design was acquired by Analytical Technology, Inc., of Collegeville PA. Entech’s EchoSmart and FilterSmart products are a great compliment to ATi’s water quality and gas detection product lines.

ATi-Entech’s EchoSmart Smart Sensor technology makes it possible to implement very cost-effective wireless field networks of up to 16 sensors. Each sensor in the network wirelessly communicates to the Controller, which can be located conveniently on a panel or in the control room. The wireless network configuration eliminates the need for conduit and cabling that can easily cost more than the equipment itself! In addition, EchoSmart field networks can be created using digital cabling, and can incorporate existing analogue inputs as well. All of this adds up to the best value in sludge blanket monitoring, with options that can accommodate any plant’s specific needs.

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