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71VR1 Chart Recorder

M-Systemís Model 71VR1 is a 1/4 DIN size (96 x 96 mm panel cutout), compact paperless recorder that can store and display the maximum of 8-point analog inputs and 8-point discrete inputs. The 3.5 inch TFT color LCD display can show two pen channels at once on a trend graph or digital/bargraph indicators. Field signals are connected to local terminals and polled remotely from Modbus RTU I/O devices. Three models are available depending on the number of local inputs. Data sampling rate is selectable between 100 msec. and 10 seconds depending upon the type and number of local and remote inputs. In addition to manual and continuous recording mode, conditional recording triggered by AND/OR functions in combinations of analog/discrete signal values/states is available. This allows the user to record only necessary part of the data in order to save memory area. Each analog input signal is independently set with four (4) alarm thresholds. In addition to the built-in DO terminals, at the maximum of 8 point discrete outputs can be mapped on remote output devices to alert externally. Alarm events are recorded in an alarm history file, up to 200 events. Data is stored in a memory card at the rear side of the recorder, and can be transferred to a PC and converted into CSV format files with this card or via the front IrDA port. Thanks to its small panel size and shallow depth of only 10 centimeters (4 inches) needed behind the panel surface, the 71VR1 can be mounted on control panels built into industrial and commercial machineries. Imagine the 71VR1 mounted on a wave soldering machine. Single unit can monitor and record solder temperature, conveyor speed, starting/stopping of the machine, current consumption and their alarm history. IP 65 front panel is also suitable for applications and installations where splashing water is present such as sanitary plants.

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71VR1 Chart Recorder