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Accu-Drive Pressure Gauges

At 3D Instruments, we believe that simple is beautiful!! Replacing the antiquated “C-shaped” bourdon tube in our Accu-Drive gauges is a unique helically wound bourdon... this is what we call the Direct Drive Difference. Our bourdon is coupled directly to the shaft pointer, which is the only moving part.
Fewer moving parts translates to fewer gauge problems!! Regular recalibration is eliminated because there are no complex, wear-prone parts... like linkages and sectors. Linearity is built-in; no span adjustment is necessary – ever! Accuracy is maintained throughout the life of the gauge, which is much longer than those “old fashioned” gauges. Overpressure is not an issue... even 150% of span will not result in a calibration shift and the robust bourdon tube will withstand spikes of 500% of span without bursting. All 3D gauges use the finest materials of construction. The bourdon tube is made of Inconel, which is a highly elastic material with excellent corrosion resistance. All other wetted parts are in 316SS to meet the rigors of your most challenging applications.

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Accu-Drive Pressure Gauges