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One Series Safety

The One Series Safety Transmitter is a transmitter-switch for monitoring pressure or temperature and meets the requirements of SIL 2 for random integrity at HFT = 0, SIL 3 for random integrity at HFT = 1 and SIL 3 for systematic capability. The One Series Safety Transmitter incorporates UEs patented IAW self-diagnostics; redundant and diverse signal processing and software algorithms to detect abnormalities in the process and internal faults. The design is based on a powerful microprocessor that provides an extremely fast response time for emergency shut-down situations.

Some applications require a local switch that is capable of initiating an emergency shutdown at the point of measure. This avoids any time lag that may occur by sending a signal to a safety PLC and having the PLC initiate the shutdown. This practice can take several (precious) milliseconds. Unique to UE One Series transmitters, the One Series Safety Transmitter can provide the shutdown directly in less than 100 milliseconds, ideal for positive displacement pump applications (for example). This high-capacity safety relay output (SRO) with programmable set point and deadband, handles high voltages and current to actuate a control valve or shut down a compressor directly and rapidly, something a transmitter alone cannot do.

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One Series Safety