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ST51 Flow Meter

The Model ST51 Flow Meter is an accurate, easy to install, no moving parts solution for measuring and controlling biogases, digester gases, methane and natural gas flow. Model ST51 utilizes FCI proven thermal dispersion technology to provide direct mass flow measurement resulting in higher performance at a lower cost than orifice plates, DP, Vortex shedding and other thermal devices. Biogas and digester gas applications are challenged by wide flow variations and dirty, wet gas. Flow variation is experienced as these processes move from low production start-up phases to a consistent, sustainable process and by seasonal temperature change, where cold temperatures slow gas production and higher temperature accelerate gas production. While the primary composition of these gases is methane and CO2, residual H2S and wet vapor leave deposits and corrode surfaces. ST51 provides the solution to these challenges. It features a wide-turndown ratio, up to 100:1 and is highly sensitive to low flow measurement. To measure correctly in fluctuating temperatures, flow meters must include temperature compensation circuitry and it is standard in ST51. ST51 has no moving parts to foul or clog and is easily pulled from the pipe for occasional cleaning. Model ST51 installs in line sizes ranging from 2 inch to 24 inch [51 mm to 610 mm] with 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch NPT. The Model ST51 uses precision, lithography structured platinum RTD sensors embedded in FCI’s equal mass small diameter thermowells. Combined with microprocessor electronics and precision calibration, the Model ST51 achieves excellent accuracy, fast response and virtually maintenance free operation.

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ST51 Flow Meter