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Vortab FCI

Vortab flow conditioners eliminate swirl and cross-mix the flow stream to achieve a symmetrical, distortion-free, repeatable flow profile in just three (3) pipe diameters. For installation ease and application optimisation, traditional Vortab flow conditioners are available in a complete spool piece pipe section (Models VMR and VSR), an insertion sleeve (Model VIS), or as a weld-in-place kit (Model VFK). Also available, and particularly well suited for pump and compressor applications, is Vortab’s exclusive elbow section (Model VEL). With all models, in addition to their low pressure loss, the open tab design is non-fouling and will not trap dirt or be clogged by debris in the flow stream. Traditional Vortab models are for use in air, gas and liquid applications.

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Vortab FCI