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Q45C2 Conductivity Monitor

Low-level conductivity measurements are essential for monitoring a variety of high purity water systems. The proper operation of deionizers, reverse osmosis membranes, ion exchange systems, and heat exchangers require constant monitoring to ensure high quality production. ATIís Model Q45C2 Conductivity Monitor provides the reliable and accurate low-level measurements required for such high purity water systems. Monitors provide large, easyto-read LCD displays with a second display line for indication of temperature or other operational information. And for those applications where results in resistivity units are preferred, Q45C2 monitors can be programmed to display readings in Meg-ohm units instead of microSiemens. Monitors are available in a variety of configurations, including a loop powered transmitter, an AC-powered analyzer with two user programmable alarm functions, and a battery operated unit, either with or without an internal data logger. The monitor employs 2-electrode conductivity sensors with low cell constants to provide continuous measurements from 0-20 to 0-2,000 microSiemens. The 2-electrode sensors are specifically designed for use in ultra-pure water and nonfouling applications. The sensors are available in several mounting configurations including 316SS compression fittings or sanitary-style. These sensors may also be mounted submersion-style or in a hot-tap configuration. For almost any high purity conductivity application, the Q45C2 system will provide the reliability, ease of use, and flexibility you are looking for.

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Q45C2 Conductivity Monitor