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Q46H/79PR Total Chlorine Monitor ATI

ATI's Model Q46H/79PR Total Chlorine Measurement System is a highly versatile on-line monitoring system designed for the continuous measurement of total chlorine in solution. This direct measuring system does not require the addition of chemical reagents to measure total chlorine. The Q46H/79PR is well suited for potable water systems, water reuse systems, cooling towers, aquariums, and for monitoring wastewater treatment effluents.

The basic sensing element used in the total chlorine monitor is a 3-electrode amperometric membrane sensor which measures chlorine directly. The chlorine measurement does not alter the sample or add any chemicals to the sample stream, so the water flow can return to the system if desired.

In addition to total chlorine measurement, the Q46H/79PR is also available with an optional pH input which provides a two-parameter monitoring system.

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Q46H/79PR Total Chlorine Monitor ATI