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Q46H62-63 Residual Chlorine Monitor

ATIs Model Q46H/62-63 Residual Chlorine Monitor is an upgraded version of our proven Q45H Chlorine Monitor system for continuous monitoring of free or combined chlorine. Monitor capabilities have been expanded to include options for a third analog output or additional low power relays. Digital communication options for Profibus, Modbus, and Ethernet are available with this monitor. The Q46H Chlorine Monitor (Analyzer, Transmitter) system uses a polarographic membraned sensor to measure chlorine directly, without the need for chemical reagents. When needed, automatic pH compensation may be added for increased free chlorine measurement accuracy. Systems are available to provide outputs for chlorine, pH, and temperature to allow easy Contact Time (CT) calculations. Q46H systems are economical to purchase, easy to maintain, and provide long term accuracy and reliability for your chlorine monitoring needs.

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Q46H62-63 Residual Chlorine Monitor