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PCME View 370

The DT370 series instruments utilise PCME’s unique Electrodynamic® measurement principle. When the sensing probe is installed in the duct or stack, particles in the air stream interact with the sensing rod and a charge induction effect is analysed from the probe. Distributions in the particle stream result in a frequency charge induction response which is proportional to the concentration of particles (application dependent*). Unlike Triboelectric systems, Electrodynamic® systems electronically fi lter out the dc signal caused by particle collision, which makes the quality of the measurement unaffected by build-up on the probe rod which would otherwise cause zero or calibration drift. Very low concentrations of particulate found after even the most effi cient bag fi lter can be measured due to this unique Electrodynamic® technique. (>0.1 mg/m3) Electrodynamic® technology also enables the use of patented fully insulated probes, essential for reliable measurement in high humidity applications (after process and spray driers).
* Various independent laboratories have validated this relationship (TÜV).

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PCME View 370