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SG901 Specific Gravity Analyser

The reliable Thermo Scientific Sarasota SG901 (formerly SG900) specific gravity analyzer is a self-contained bypass sample conditioner that measures the density, pressure and temperature of dry and wet gases. This more compact model features fast response and continuous, high accuracy measurements to 0.2% of reading, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. ¦User selectable reference conditions ¦Integral sample conditioning ¦Options to suit dry or wet gas applications ¦Hazardous area use ¦Rugged construction for harsh environments ¦No on-site calibration required The rapid response of the SG901 ensures effective burner, furnace and flare gas monitoring and control. It is recommended in applications where specific gravity (SG) or molecular weight (MW) can be used to infer density elsewhere in the plant and where the gas is dirty or wet and requires filtering prior to the measurement. The SG901 is available in three configurations: a basic system, a dry gas system and a wet gas system. It comprises a Thermo Scientific FD900 gas density assembly, temperature element and flow control valve. Built to endure harsh environments, the SG901 requires minimal maintenance and on-site calibration is not necessary.

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SG901 Specific Gravity Analyser